Coffee Barrel

Street food is booming, and so is Retro style. Combine them and stand out from  the crowd with our striking  Coffee Barrel kiosk design!

All classic 50’s style with a combination of traditional build techniques and modern engineering and materials.

Hot Dog Cart

These American New York Hot Dog Carts are light, manoeuvrable and have loads of storage space. It has THREE SEPERATE BURNERS so you can cook cook  Dogs, Chilli, Onions, Soup, whatever. The burner operation is designed to make the cart is safe to use indoors or out, with the design offering great outdoors manoeverability.

Super Stalette Mobile Handwash

A high capacity, powered, free standing hand wash unit with an electronic sensor Being entirely self-contained, the Super Stallette portable basin can be sited anywhere as it needs only a 13 amp socket outlet for operation. No plumbing or drainage

Catering Trailer Hire based in Falkirk and Edinburgh Scotland specializes in hiring out stylish Wheeliebox™ catering trailers and demountable kiosks.

Our range of catering trailers and kiosks start from 8ft and 12ft in length. They are designed for hot and cold food, coffee bars, ice cream parlors, retail shops, snack trailers and just about any kind of on-site catering business you can imagine.

Starting your own business with a catering trailer has never been easier. Simply decide what sort of food you’d like to sell, discuss your ideas with us, and we should have a unit to suit; if not we can arrange to have one manufactured to suit your requirements. The secret to successful operation of all mobile catering trailers and kiosks is the right mix of location, presentation, personnel, food and price. Get that right and you can make serious money.

We supply all types of businesses and most famously supplied the Wheeliebox™ units in the Apprentice in the 2011 and 2012 episodes. The Apprentices used our demountable catering trailer units to sell food in locations in London and Edinburgh.

We work hard to make sure you hire the right catering unit to match your business plan, using only the finest quality equipment so you can be certain that it will give reliable and dependable service. The demountable Wheeliebox™ kiosks are designed to fit easily and stylishly into shopping malls and conference centres.

Catering Trailer Hire Ltd can provide catering trailers and demountable kiosks across Scotland and all around the UK. Whether you are looking to buy a new unit or simply would like to hire one to start with, you have definitely come to the right place! We can give you help and support and every step of the way and that's a guarantee!

We also recently started hiring out Wheeliebox™ look-alike registered trade mark Police Boxes as coffee kiosks ice cream kiosks and to sell a range of hot & cold food. These eye-catching novelty kiosks are suitable for town centres, beach fronts and parks etc.