Routine Checks

Routine Safety Checks & Requirements


The following checks are the recommended minimum standard for a mobile catering business:

DAILY checks

Generator :-
•Check oil
•Check water, (if applicable)
•Check fuel levels
•Check electrical cables for wear and tear, signs of wires coming adrift
•To run the generator with a remote battery. Contact the brown wire to the Plus + sign on the battery and then connect the Yellow and green wire to the neg – sign on the battery.
•To start push the choke in , switch on and check fuel is on then turn the starter handle ( like a car ignition) and the start should turn over the engine, When engine starts, move the choke to the running position.


A generator will only provide power to the power rating of the generator. i.e a 3.5 KVA will only provide 3500 watts so check your equipment you plan to run off a generator. If you equipment that require more than what the out put of the generator you have you will NOT be able to run all equipment.

WEEKLY checks (in addition to be above)
•Trailer wheel nuts / tyre pressures
•Breakaway cable

MONTHLY checks (in additional to above)
•Lubrication and condition of tow hitch
•Towing / vehicle lights
•Safe operation of hatches & gas struts
•Tyre condition
•Check gas burners and gas water leak test
•Check gas bottle hoses and regulator for damage or wear and tear and get replace if damaged
•Check fire extinguishers are within date, clean & functioning
•Check fire blankets
•Check lubrication of equipment
•Check condition of all internal / working surfaces and repair/ replace if damaged
•Check condition of all cooking utensils and equipment and repair/ replace if damaged

6 MONTHLY checks (in additional to above)
•PAT test all hand held electrical appliances (legal requirement)

ANNUALLY (Additional to above)
•Gas safety check on equipment and general installation by a GAS SAFE approved gas installer. (legal requirement)
•Electrical safety check on all equipment and general installation by a qualified electrician able to issue a certificate. (legal requirement)
•PAT test all electrical appliances (legal requirement) – NOT required on brand new equipment


Do not open the hatch in high winds. If it is windy check the hatch rams will hold up the hatch and check the wind will not close the hatch on someone’s head.


Our 8 foot kiosk/trailer has a towing weight of 700kg and our 12 foot kiosk/trailers towing weight of 1100kg. This is our weight NOT including items load by the client. The gross plated weight of our units are 1500kg.

When on the move with the kiosk/Trailer PLEASE ensure that you have taped up ALL the fridge doors so that they will not open when towing the kiosk/trailer to and from site. The cost of a smashed door is very expensive , the cost will be down to you.

We don’t provide gas bottles, you will require two 19kg propane (red) bottles, these must be removed from the unit before returning the unit to us. If not we charge £100 to dispose of these bottles.

Our terms are a six-month minimum hire or pro-rata subject to terms and references. An £800 deposit is only returned on completion of contract term and the unit is returned in a clean and undamaged condition with any out standing cost having been paid i.e. delivery pickup or setup.

Payment is weekly in advance by standing order on a Friday; we check the bank on the following Monday. If payment is not in the bank on the Monday we will treat it as a breach of contract and collect and remove the unit without warning. Full terms and hire rates are available from the main office.

Signage on any of our units is restricted to the roof signboard only. If signs are placed anywhere else this could result in the forfeit of the deposit. This is due to pigment impressions left in the fiberglass.


The Kiosk/Trailer MUST come back from hire in a clean condition. This means:
•Clean greasy walls, ceiling, Roof vents, floor, worktops and equipment.
•All joints clean and clear of any food/waste deposits.
•Fridge clean inside and out, glass clean for the display fridges.
•All stainless equipment to be clean with NO streaky marks.
•Griddle plate cleaned and degreased, Fryers cleaned and degreased.
•Bain Maire pots /lids washed and cleaned.
•Toasty machines cleaned and irons washed.
•Coffee grinders cleaned and remove any ground coffee and coffee beans.
•Clean coffee machine, hyper wands, and both coffee handles
•Water containers :- Wash/degrease and clean both fresh water and waste containers
•Those units fitted with Group coffee machines must be drained of water before returning the unit.(see photo in equipment manual )
•All water Urns/water boiler MUST be drained and cleaned inside before moving or returning the kiosk/Trailer
•Outside to be clean and any markings removed.

Failure to do any of the above will result in loss of deposit and you may be charged if your deposit fails to cover any costs incurred by us in cleaning or repairing/replacing items.