Coffee Barrel

Street food is booming, and so is Retro style. This is great news. But with increased competition, you need to stand out!

And what better way to combine the two in our Coffee Barrel kiosk design? All classic 50’s style with a combination of traditional build techniques and modern engineering and materials.

The Coffee Barrel kiosk comprises  the following:-

  • Size available for hire 8ft to 8ft wide and 8ft high
  • Steel painted chassis
  • Steel frame
  • All painted aluminium/steel body
  • Lighting inside
  • Aviation clearcoat* – limited polishing required
  • Fully bespoke interior
  • Four corner leveling jacks.
  • Hot and cold water system with two sinks
  • One larger main counter
  • Floor to roof hatch 8ft H x 4ft W
  • Slide out floor with counter
  • Plumbing for Coffee machine
  • 32 amp internal socket feeding a breaker fuse box
  • Two Display fridges
  • 13amp wall sockets
  • Under counter hot water system
  • Service can take mains water or pumped water from 25ltr container
  • Waste water runs into 25ltr container

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