Frequently Asked Questions

QDo we require a street trading licence?

A – You may do, check with your local council if you need to apply for street trading licence. A Street Traders Licence applies to any person in a public place and includes doing any selling from a vehicle, catering trailer or in or from a kiosk or moveable stall not entered in the Valuation Roll (Business Rates) if you are paying or have Business rates applied to your ground area you operate from you do not require a Street Traders Licence under the law.

QDo you deliver anywhere in the UK and can you set it up?

A – Yes we will deliver anywhere in mainland UK at a mileage charge from our base. We can also arrange to set up the demountable kiosk at a cost.

QWhat is the minimum hire period? How much will it initially cost?

A – Our normal minimum hire period is 6 months, however we will look at a minimum hire period of 1 months (4 weeks) (subject to availability), when we will require the full rental cost for the initial hire period. You also require a booking fee of £800. Any extensions of hire after 1 month will be paid weekly.

QWill the catering trailer I receive pass my local environmental health inspection?

A – We guarantee that the trailer/Kiosk you receive will pass any inspection. Prior to delivery to you, all of our units are cleaned, gas serviced and electrically checked ready for use and carry 12 month certificates.

QWill my vehicle tow a demountable catering trailer?

A – You will need to check your vehicle specification for towing capacity (the gross weight of our units is 1500kg ) – however we will be pleased to advise upon request. Also please check your insurance schedule to ensure you are covered for towing.

QCan I purchase the catering trailer on hire to me?

A – After the initial hire period of six months we will be pleased to give you a rental-to-purchase price.

QWhat do you mean by secure storage?

A – Unless you can prove to us that the trailer is securely stored overnight or when not in use, we will not consider renting to you as your insurance may become invalid.

QWho is responsible for insuring the catering trailer/kiosk?

A – You are. You are required to insure the catering trailer/kiosk to its full value for the term of the contract.

QWhat happens if a piece of equipment in the trailer/kiosk ceases to work?

A – If a piece of equipment fails through normal use providing you inform us in writing we can arrange a repair or replacement.

QCan I pay by direct debit or standing order?

A – Yes, payment can only be taken by BACS or standing order. Or if you prefer post dated cheques.

QWhat size and type of gas bottle do I require?

A – you need two 19kg propane gas bottles (red ones)

QHow do I power from a generator or building

A – There’s a 16amp (or 32amp) blue male wall socket fitted to the catering unit You require a cable and plug to connect your power source to a 16amp blue female socket, then just plug in.

QWhat about Fresh water and wastewater

A – We provide one 25ltr fresh water container and one green 25ltr wastewater container. Some of our units also take main water plug in with a hose pipe connection.

QCan I put my own logo and Signage on the unit

A – We provide a 9ft x 1ft roof sign board for you signage and logos. We can also provide at a cost sign board to fit the front and end panels of the unit. However NO signage is to be attached to the unit directly to the outside as this will leave a pigment impression in the fiberglass which cannot be removed. Any signage fitted inside must be attached with blue tac and NOT tape or screws.

QHow to I order a unit

A – Contact the office and we will email you the contract. Please read i, make sure you understand the terms and fill in ALL the data required. Then return it with the booking fee of £800. When all is received we will confirm the booking. We will hold the booking for you for seven days to allow time for processing.